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An Overview of the Listing Process:

  • Conduct an initial meeting, walk-through and needs analysis
  • Sign the listing agreement
  • Prepare your property for sale:
    •   Staging
    •   Professional photography including video
    •   Marketing brochure
  • Launch a “Coming Soon” marketing campaign
  • Establish a competitive price
  • Officially list your property on the MLS
  • Launch the “Just Listed” marketing campaign
  • Start showing your house and hold multiple open houses
  • Receive and present offers
  • Negotiate contract
  • Go under contract
  • Facilitate inspection process
  • Negotiate inspection issues
  • Oversee appraisal
  • Coordinate and prepare for further inspections
  • Final walk-through
  • Close!

Finding Your Buyer

The savviest marketing plan is one that targets the channels buyers are already using to find homes. From optimized internet exposure to networking with local agents, I’ll work diligently to find your buyer as fast and efficiently as possible.

How Buyers Find Their Home

Well-Researched Pricing


Capturing the right price in any given market is one of the most critical elements in a successful real estate transaction. Correctly pricing your property means diligently studying the market to know what interested buyers are willing to pay and to price competitively within that range. This is what will position your house to stand out against other listings.

Captivating Staging

Staging is what creates a “wow factor” when a buyer walks through the door of your property. It’s what creates an emotional response and can often be an influence on whether or not an offer is made. From maximizing curb appeal to creating a clean and open interior, I will guide you on how to capture maximum buyer interest by highlighting the unique features of your house.

Eye-Catching Yard Signs

Coming Soon. For Sale. Just Sold. You have certainly seen these signs throughout your neighborhood – and their purpose is clear: to create excitement and interest around a listing. While much emphasis is placed on online advertisement these days, many buyers still look for their next home the old-fashioned way – by simply driving around their desired neighborhood. Professionally designed signage and property fliers will market your home 24/7 and capture attention from highly qualified buyers looking specifically in your area.

Open House Strategy

Whether or not an open house is where your buyer comes from, they serve a strategic purpose – aggregating interested buyers in a specific geographic area. By showcasing your property with an open house, or simply leveraging the leads generated at another nearby open house, we will create and target a highly-qualified, localized group of buyers.

Targeted Networking

In real estate it’s not only what you know, it’s who you know.As an active member in the real estate community and our community at large, I will market your listing to top agents and buyer specialists in the area, generating excitement and ensuring maximum exposure.

High-Quality, Professional Photography, Video, and Marketing Brochures

Crisp, clear photos will make your property pop online and maximize visual appeal. I work with highly qualified, professionally trained real estate photographers who specialize in making your house look its absolute best. Video including drone shots is at the heart of an effective digital marketing campaign and can provide a distinct advantage in a competitive market. A beautiful four-page marketing brochure that is professionally printed on semi-gloss paper is made available to Open House attendees and other interested real estate agents.

Cutting-edge Digital Marketing

With nearly 44 percent of buyers starting their search online and 95 percent of buyers looking online at some point in their home search, mastering the digital space is a must. From Google AdWords to social media marketing to my SEO-optimized website and mobile search app, your listing will shine online. It is my goal to provide innovative digital marketing strategies to ensure the right buyers find your property and take action.

Pricing Strategy

When it comes to selling your house, the right price matters. Competitive pricing generates the most activity from buyers and agents, while a price that’s too high can contribute to a longer stay on the market and, ultimately, a drop in price to compete with newer, well-priced listings. A house that’s priced at market value attracts the maximum amount of the market’s potential buyers. Raise that asking price by just a bit above market value, and the percentage of potential buyers will decrease substantially. Through my competitive market analysis, I’ll help you find the pricing sweet spot for your home.

The Importance of Open Houses

Open houses have long played a crucial role in selling homes, but how can your home’s open house be set apart from the rest?

Part of my comprehensive marketing plan includes creating an open house schedule to promote your property to prospective buyers and then systematically marketing it to the people most interested in homes like yours.

Here are a few ways I can market your open house to generate the maximum level of excitement around your home:

  • Placing a yard sign and directional signs on key corners, all with balloons and riders
  • Distributing fliers, email invites, and a website posting the week before the open house
  • Getting on the phone the morning of the open house to remind everyone about attending
  • Scheduling other open houses in the area in various price ranges to attract the maximum amount of interested buyers

The Three Key “Campaigns”

The “Coming Soon” Campaign
  • Walk-through and needs analysis
  • Professional photography and videography
  • Professional yard signage
  • “Coming Soon” email blast to my proprietary database
  • “Coming Soon” social media touch on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • “Coming Soon” callout campaign to highly qualified buyers

The “Just Listed” Campaign
  • Launch listing on KWLS, MLS and other syndication websites
  • Professional yard signage and takeaway fliers
  • “Just Listed” email blast to my proprietary database
  • Custom landing webpage and funnel campaign promoting open house
  • “Just Listed” social media video on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • “Just Listed” callout campaign to highly qualified buyers
  • Open house three days after listing

The “Just Sold” Campaign
  • “Just Sold” yard signage
  • “Just Sold” email, social, and digital touches

The Bottom Line:

That’s where I come in.

At the closing table, my goal is for you to feel that the experience of selling your home exceeded all your expectations, so throughout all of our interactions – from listing to closing – I will work hard to achieve that goal.

When you choose me as your partner, you are not just getting a trusted, respected agent – you are getting a local expert who is passionate about serving our community and those who call it home.

Let’s get started!